The UK is securing its future as a global leader in space with the re-launch of the National Space Council

New National Space Strategy in Action policy paper released

The National Space Council meeting included the launch by DSIT and Ministry of Defence of a new National Space Strategy in Action, a significant milestone, which outlines the government’s commitment to the space sector and sets out a bold plan for how the UK can become a leading player in the global space race.

This publication outlines the significant progress the UK space sector has made since the launch of the joint civil-defence National Space Strategy in 2021, employing almost 49,000 people and generating an income of £17.5 billion, an increase of £1 billion from the previous year. It also provides clarity on the direction of the sector for businesses, giving them the confidence to make long-term investment decisions.


It covers various priority areas, including:

  1. the development of a Space Sector Plan to promote economic growth and resilience
  2. the establishment of space clusters within the UK space ecosystem
  3. a space workforce action plan
  4. a review of space regulations to ensure effectiveness and innovation
  5. the UK’s long term approach to civil capabilities and defence highly assured capabilities for space
  6. progress of the Defence Space Strategy

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