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Our Vehicle

Orbex Prime

The Orbex Prime microlauncher has been developed to offer orbital launch services that meet our customers needs today and in the future.

Our team of aerospace engineers have completely re-thought and re-designed the launch vehicle, from avionics and software to structures and propulsion.

We use a wide range of advanced materials and techniques to create each launch vehicle, including the use of additive manufacturing for the majority of the propulsion subsystem and carbon fibre / graphene composites for the main structures and tanks.

Orbex Prime

Payload capability

Up to








No. of stages


No. of engines


What makes Orbex Prime unique?

Low carbon fuel

The use of a renewable, bio-propane fuel that cuts carbon emissions by 90% compared to old-fashioned hydrocarbons

Modern architecture

A novel architecture that saves around 30% of inert mass increasing efficiency by 20%

3D Printed Engine

Lightweight, high performance 3D printed rocket engines, uniquely manufactured in a single piece, without joins

Smart ignition

A redundant ignition system with no moving parts or electrics for on-orbit re-start and circularisation

Innovative turbo-pumps

Independent low-temperature turbo-pumps driving each stage 1 engine

Flight proven GNC

Flight-proven guidance, navigation and control (GNC) algorithms

Designed to be re-usable

The rocket is designed to be re-useable - when it returns to Earth, what does not burn up harmlessly in the atmosphere will be recovered and re-used

Our technology

Find out more about the technology innovations that underpin our launch vehicle and our testing programme


Key components of our propulsion system are 3D printed using the largest 3D printer in Europe

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Structures & tanks

We build the main structures of the Prime launch vehicle from carbon fibre, which delivers enormous strength with very low mass

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Flight-proven guidance, navigation and control (GNC) algorithms

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Test facilities to allow full ‘dress rehearsals’ of launch procedures to take place

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Orbex Prime is a remarkable feat of engineering from a British rocket company, pioneering more sustainable and innovative fuels that cut carbon emissions.

George Freeman

UK Science Minister

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