Why Orbex

At Orbex, Europe’s leading private launch services company, we focus entirely on supporting the needs of the small satellite industry.

We have developed one of the most advanced, low carbon, high performance micro-launcher vehicles in the world and we are looking for the right candidates to join us in in delivering this vision and technological innovation.

We are seeking to recruit forward-thinking, experienced employees for various roles at our facilities in Forres, Scotland and Copenhagen, Denmark.

You will be working in an environment that gives you a chance to see your work in action. You will be eager for a fast-paced opportunity that offers exceptional freedom and responsibility, as well as the chance to make a critical impact on the delivery of Europe's first space launch vehicle.

Orbex is looking for candidates that can demonstrate they get things done with a pragmatic attitude and reliable results.

NOTE: You must be a European citizen, from a country that is a signatory to the MTCR convention.

Work with us

Exciting career opportunities

Sharing our vision

We are looking for colleagues who share our vision of creating Europe's first fully private orbital launch services company. If you are highly-motivated and focused we want you to apply to join our team to help us to develop one of the most innovative, high-tech orbital space launch vehicles in the world, providing access to space for small satellite customers.

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Internship programme

Our 2022 Internship intake is now closed. We do not accept speculative internship applications, look out for our next annual programme opening in Spring 2023.

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Explore Forres

We are seeking to recruit forward-thinking, experienced candidates for various roles in Forres, Scotland at our manufacturing and engineering centre.

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Explore Copenhagen

We are seeking to recruit forward-thinking, experienced employees for various roles in Copenhagen, Denmark at our design and production facility in Hvidovre.

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To be employed at Orbex is to be challenged regularly. However, you will be rewarded with the opportunity to work alongside truly talented, dedicated and inspirational colleagues that will push you forward, together, as a team.


Structures Team

Having recently had my three-year anniversary with Orbex I’m amazed at how quickly the time has flown by. I put this down to a combination of the diverse nature of my job, where one day can be quite different to the next, and the outstanding abilities of our production and engineering team.


Structures Team

Orbex got me engaged from the first moment I started my job. I work with very talented, passionate, dedicated and organized people who love what they do, which makes me value my job even more.


Business Services Team

Orbex has a great work culture and allows employees to work freely. Equally, there is valuable support from seniors, and employees are motivated and appreciated for their efforts. All colleagues within the company are a pleasure to work with, and make it an enjoyable and inclusive environment.


Structures Team

Joining Orbex is the best decision of my life. Everything I have experienced up until now comes into play. Working with the best people in their fields on technologies, Engineering solutions and working practices that haven't been done before certainly demands absolute commitment from every skill set you have and are still to learn.


Planning Team

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