New film introduces Orbex Prime - The First Full-scale Microlauncher Rocket Developed in Europe

Orbex has unveiled the first full-scale prototype of the Prime orbital space rocket on its dedicated launch pad publicly for the first time.

The unveiling of the first of a new generation of European launch vehicles - designed to launch a new category of very small satellites to orbit - represents a major step forward for the British rocket company as it prepares for the first ever vertical rocket launch to orbit from UK soil. Orbex's Prime rocket is the first 'micro-launcher' developed in Europe to reach this stage of technical readiness.

With the first full integration of the Orbex rocket on a launch pad now complete, we will now enter into a period of integrated testing, allowing dress rehearsals of rocket launches and the development and optimisation of launch procedures as we move toward our first launch from Space Hub Sutherland.

This short film shows you a bit more of the new launch vehicle on the launch pad in Scotland.