Launch Services

Our goal is to provide a flexible, reliable, dedicated and responsive orbital launch services to small satellite customers.

Specific services

Orbex offers three types of launch service, depending on which kind of payload you wish to place into orbit.


Monolithic micro and mini satellite

Payloads of masses 10kg-180kg requiring a standalone satellite release mechanism. The standard Prime payload fairing has a category-leading external diameter of 1300mm, offering enhanced volume and flexibility, and Orbex can also provide an extended fairing for larger payloads.

Orbex offers a range of pyrotechnic-free, low shock payload release mechanisms suitable for a variety of payload masses, all sourced from European partners, and can integrate other release mechanisms on request. Depending on customer preference and needs, satellites can be transported as single fairing or stacked / rideshare payloads. Orbex can also offer a third stage option where orbit-raising is required post-deployment.


Pico, nano or micro satellites

PocketQube and CubeSat formats, from 1P to 16U, should be suitable for launch from deployment mechanisms conforming to the CalPoly CubeSat P-POD standard. We are able to integrate deployment dispensers from all major payload integrators, as well as suitably qualified in-orbit delivery mechanisms.


TRL train payloads

These are for self-contained subsystems / instruments / payloads carried on multi-manifest missions targeting the advancement of TRL level.

This approach offers the ability to procure orbital flight heritage for a product without having to address the regulatory and programmatic costs of a full satellite mission.

TRL train payloads remain attached to the 2nd stage, and are thus limited in mission duration by nominal battery life and mission re-entry priority.


For full information about our launcher’s capabilities and our services, please contact our dedicated commercial spaceflight services team via spaceflight@orbex.space and we will respond immediately.

We have been impressed with the rapid progress Orbex has made in a short time, and we look forward to working with them towards the first launch in 2021 and beyond.

Sarah Parker

Managing Director of SSTL

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