Our Vehicle

Orbex aerospace engineers have created almost the entirety of the launch vehicle inhouse, from avionics and software to structures and propulsion. Our vehicle features several innovative technologies that ensure an optimal delivery to orbit.
Modern architecture

Orbex introduces a novel launcher architecture that completely eliminates the fundamental mass challenge of small launchers.

Low carbon fuel

Orbex uses a single 100% renewable fuel that cuts carbon emissions by 90% compared to old-fashioned hydrocarbon fuels.

Zero shock separation

Orbex has created a novel zero-shock staging and payload separation system called Magic, which leaves zero orbital debris.

Low mass reusability

Orbex has built-in a novel reusability concept, reducing cost with an innovative new low mass recovery and re-flight system.

Totally European

Orbex launch systems are designed, constructed and launched in the heart of Europe, offering simple logistics, lower costs and local regulation.

Smart ignition

Orbex debuts a redundant ignition system with no moving parts or electrics, to improve reliability, eliminate complexity and remove high voltage interference.

Innovative engines

Orbex introduces a reliable and effective propulsion concept that offers substantial power density and removes pollution sources completely.

Efficient structures

Orbex’s launch vehicle is 30% lighter and 20% more efficient than any other vehicle in this category, packing more power per cubic liter than many heavy launchers.

Class-leading volume

Orbex has a 1300mm diameter vehicle and payload bay, offering class-leading accommodation for large volume satellites.

Flight proven GNC

Orbex has integrated spaceflight-proven orbital guidance, navigation and control (GNC) algorithms, using cost-effective European technologies.

Space tolerant avionics

Orbex has already built and tested modern, lightweight, high performance flight computing platforms for engine management and flight control.

Orbex is committed to supporting the ESA’s Clean Space initiative, and is developing one of the most environmentally friendly space launch vehicles ever built.

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