Environmentally focused

Building the world's most environmentally friendly space rocket

Orbex is committed to supporting ESA’s Clean Space initiative, and is developing one of the most environmentally friendly space launch vehicles ever built.

Our careful approach to environmental impact reduction dramatically improves the carbon footprint and lifecycle impact of the Orbex launch vehicle and Prime is poised to become the first in a new generation of ultra green launch systems.

Rocket fuel

Orbex Prime powered by BioLPG

The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) factor of BioLPG is 90 per cent lower than a fossil-based fuel such as RP-1, the highly-refined form of Kerosene typically used as rocket fuel.

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The Orbex rocket is designed to be re-usable

When the rocket returns to Earth, what does not burn up harmlessly in the atmosphere will be recovered and re-used.

Zero debris

It's important we don't create space junk

The Orbex Prime rocket was designed, from the start, to not leave any debris on Earth or in the Earth's atmosphere.

Carbon-neutral spaceport

Designed to be carbon-neutral both in terms of its construction and operation.

Sutherland Spaceport is our 'home' spaceport and is set to be the world's most environmentally friendly spaceport.

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Carbon footprint

Prime has a solid set of environmental credentials

A recent study by the University of Exeter has determined that the carbon footprint of launching the new Orbex Prime space rocket will be up to 96 per cent lower than comparable space launch programmes.

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The launch operation planned by Orbex can result in a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to the other launch scenarios.

Dr Xiaoyu Yan

Environment and Sustainability Institute, University of Exeter

Orbex is clearly leading the industry with sustainable solutions in the same way that Calor is leading the way in providing low carbon energy solutions for off-grid customers.

Alastair Lovell

Head of Sustainable Fuels, Calor

Orbex Prime is a remarkable feat of engineering from a British rocket company, pioneering more sustainable and innovative fuels that cut carbon emissions.

George Freeman

UK Science Minister

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